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120) The Fall - Extricate

In the latest transfer news Mr Smith has again moved the team around but this is one of his most bizarre ones. His marriage to Brix has ended so no surprise she has gone so we have lost her voice but like Ronaldo returning to Manchester United the return of Fall co-founder Martin Bramah will not work out well, however he lasts the making of this album.

We have violin, flute, oboe, and organ appearing on this album, not what you normally expect from The Fall, but it certainly works on the opening two tracks with violin and rockabilly beat all over Sing! Harpy and the flute on I’m Frank contrasts surprisingly well with a wonderful harsh guitar.

Bill is Dead is Smith actually singing, its different but it’s The Fall, which sounds like a Smith quote.

Two cover versions follow, Black Monk and Popcorn Double Feature, there is interesting stuff going on in the background, but Smith is either not interested or playing it down on Popcorn.

Telephone Thing is The Fall reworking a Coldcut track with Smith kindly telling them the original is shit, Coldcut produce so obviously not offended and with real instruments and Smith all over it everyone involved should be proud of it.

Hilary is Fall by numbers for me but Chicago Now has a wonderful bassline from Steve Hanley (yes again!) and builds and shifts two minutes in, atmospheric and edgy, album highlight for me.

The Littlest Rebel has a great harmonica and organ throughout and I like the bands backing vocals And Therein finishes the album with great guitars from Scanlon and Bramah who has certainly added something to this version of The Fall.

At the moment Queen Brix has been brushed aside and King Mark is moving onwards and upwards, we shall see.



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