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119) Everything But the Girl - Eden

Everyone has probably met someone famous and has either good memories or bad. Me and Marti Pellow didn’t get on funnily enough, but I briefly met Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn in 1988 and no will be surprised to know they were lovely.

My mate’s big sister had lent me Love Not Money which I had enjoyed so a few years later I picked up their debut album on CD dirt cheap from a second-hand shop in Glasgow.

What I marvel about is that they are a couple. When me and my partner do DIY together, we usually end up arguing and falling out, these two worked and lived together. Do not expect an album from me and my partner anytime soon, a relief to all trust me.

Eden is their debut, and both have admitted they brought songs from their respective solo careers. Each and Every One was a top forty hit and you can see it fits into 1984, a trumpet can always enhance a song. Bittersweet has a lovely, picked guitar and Thorn has a considerable voice.

Another Bridge I love the acoustic guitar and organ; it’s a bit more fast paced and does not outstay its welcome.

Even So has maracas and a soft shuffle and Frost and Fire could be from any decade and with some lovely music backing Thorn’s exquisite vocal. Ben Watt takes us out with Soft Touch, he does not have a voice like Thorn but it’s a commanding vocal from him and you will not hear a more beautiful two minutes.

Everything But the Girl have provided many exquisite pop moments and Eden shows they oozed class from the very start.



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