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118) Siouxsie - Mantaray

Hai! Had been released by The Creatures in 2003 to good reviews and Siouxsie toured solo in 2004 but Budgie was still her drummer and then two things happened in 2007. First, she announced her, and Budgie had divorced and secondly, she released her debut solo album.

She has recently returned playing gigs and I was lucky enough to see her in Glasgow where she far exceeded my expectations and as I have recently started buying vinyl again, I thought I would like to own Mantaray on vinyl.

It’s an exceptional record, ten tracks that keep her legacy intact.

Into a Swan would be a great opener on any album and she dominates from the start its almost industrial with the guitars and pounding drums.

About to Happen is equally thrilling, she uses her voice to profound effect over a swaggering guitar. Here Comes That Day should be the next Bond theme, majestic and stately delivered, Dame Shirely Bassey has a major rival.

Loveless is brooding intensity and If it Doesn’t Kill You is her second Bond theme tune on one album, don’t worry she has not gone all ballad like her mystique is still there. One Mile Below is a good start to side two and Drone Zone is laidback and just marvel at the woman’s voice. Sea of Tranquillity has a lovely rhythm throughout that reminds me of The Creatures and They Follow You has a lovely organ at the start and we finish with the beautiful Heaven and Alchemy with choir like vocals backing her.

In 2023 Joe is gone, Mick has not done anything for years, Jones and Cook are in a covers band and Lydon annoys the hell out of me in interviews. Siouxsie is storming it live and a second solo album as good as this is needed from her to keep all of us old punks happy.



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