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117) The Cure - The Head on the Door

Between 1979 and 2008 The Cure released thirteen studio albums, so one nearly every two years. They have not released one in fifteen years so you would think that they no longer have the following they once had. If anything, they are bigger now than they have ever been, that’s the power of their music.

The Head on the Door was the first album I physically bought by them and early spoiler one of my favourite albums.

Ten songs in less than forty minutes and I don’t think there is a dud on it. The album opens with one of the best three minutes of a single released in the 80’s with In Between Days. The drums, the swirling organ and guitars and Smith’s perfect vocal, its pop Jim but not as we know it.

Kyoto Song takes it down a notch with what I can only describe as oriental music in the background and heavy on atmosphere, Spanish guitars are all over The Blood although Smith wrote all the songs the contributions from new guitarist and drummer (Porl Thompson/Boris Williams) cannot be overlooked and with Simon Gallup returning and Lol Tolhurt still there Smith had the perfect band.

A minute of bizarre and wonderful piano takes us into Six Different Ways and Push highlights the confidence and sheer joy they are having, seriously good.

How do you follow up a classic single just release one different but almost as good with Close To Me, claustrophobic, haunting and, horns and handclaps, perfect video as well to be fair.

A Night Like This has a riff and saxophone solo that you cannot fail to love, and Screw is fuzzy and rough throughout and Sinking is a perfect end to a perfect album.

Sure many won’t agree but...


GIVE IT A STREAM: In Between Days

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