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113) Madonna - Like A Prayer

As regular readers know (as if I have regular readers) I’m from Glasgow, we have quite a thing for religion here, I don’t, I’m rare in Glasgow neither a Catholic or a Protestant nor any interest in religion in general but I do remember there being uproar from the Catholic church when the video came out for the title track with Madonna kissing a statue that comes to life in a church and dancing in front of burning crosses.

During the uproar, I do not remember people commenting on the most important thing, the song itself, which is an absolute classic pop song, guitar, choir, strong chorus, and Madonna on top of her game, one of her best and let’s not forget Prince opening guitar intro.

However, this is not a one-track album, second song Express Yourself is a funk dance song that filled the dancefloor, not me obviously as my tinman dancing is not suited to this.

Till Death Do Us Part has guitars and a hard drum sound but is about her recent split from Sean Penn, she has decided this is her grown up confessional album.

Promise to Try, Oh Father and Pray for Spanish Eyes are ballads and her voice although not faultless fits perfectly the right side of vulnerability and emotion. I am not a ballad person, but I would not skip any of these.

Oh, and let’s not forget the pure pop of Cherish and the playfulness of Dear Jessie.

When most people talk about Madonna it’s the controversy, the private life, and the missteps. People should listen to this record and remember more than anything she is probably one of the greatest female pop stars ever.

Pop perfection.


GIVE IT A STREAM: Like a Prayer

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