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110) The Fall - I Am Kurious Oranj

No line up exits, big changes were coming but this was a different approach as Michael Clark was back and this was a collaboration with the band performing music to his troupe’s ballet dancing. I remember seeing pictures of Brix on a giant burger and would have loved to see it, would I have understood it, probably not but I guess that was not the point.

Ian Broudie pre-Three Lions produces and after a few openers that I have not loved we have a classic with Big New Prinz with Mr Hanley again integral with his bassline and lovely booming drums. Is it a revisit or sister to Hip Priest, I will let you decide.

Dog is Life/Jerusalem I have never been exactly fond about the first two minutes and, being polite, it’s not great with Smith ranting against dogs but then it kicks into Jerusalem, and we have six glorious minutes as Smith is clear and delivers the song with conviction and all is right with the Fall world again.

The title track Kurius Oranj has excellent vocal gymnastics from Smith over a slight reggae beat (honest) and Wrong Place, Right Time is rough and ready, classic Fall. Van Plague? Opens with an excellent riff and is Smith’s comment on the AIDS situation it has a beauty that many would not associate with The Fall and Smith. We are back on familiar ground with Bad News Girl which considering the marriage was about to end Brix was convinced was about her, she is probably right.

Cab It Up has a keyboard sound throughout that has a definite 80’s feel but the song drives along and good to see Mark back with his megaphone.

If you have still not been tempted, then this maybe a good way in as contains some excellent Fall moments.

What’s next Mr Smith?



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