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108) New Order - Low-Life

We all know the tragedy of Joy Division and how the three remaining members decided to continue with the addition of Gillian Gilbert.

Low-Life was released in 1985 five years on from their formation and whilst they were finding their feet on Movement and established themselves with Power, Corruption and Lies, this, in my eyes, was their first great album.

The album is only eight tracks long and I enjoy the instrumental Elegia even though it feels a bit out of place compared to the other seven tracks. Love Vigilantes is a New Order country song with a quick hit of the always excellent Stephen Morris drums, and we have an acoustic guitar throughout the whole track with a melodica played intermittently (had to look up the melodica to be honest) a real early New Order highlight.

The Perfect Kiss was a single along with Sub-culture. New Order singles from Blue Monday through to Regret were always something to look forward to and these two do not disappoint.

The sadness of New Order has been the fallout between childhood friends Sumner and Hook, listen to the colossal Sunrise to hear the majesty of Hook’s playing. The split made New Order a lesser band and Hook should be there as part of one of the greatest rhythm sections ever. Sunrise has heavy emphasis on the guitar and bass and Sooner Than You Think is mixed perfectly with the traditional instruments and Gilbert’s keyboards, real highlights.

Face Up would get me on the dancefloor if I could dance and you realise that many people dream of being in one great band, with Low-Life Sumner, Hook and Morris now had their second one.


GIVE IT A STREAM: Love Vigilantes

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