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107) Inspiral Carpets - Life

Remember the Northside Review where I was in Kavos, we are back again. We lugged a ghetto blaster and CDs with us, no streaming in those days, no internet actually.

A few beers on the balcony and various CDs were lying about the apartment and I cannot remember a day when this was not played. We loved it.

Now, people would not believe you if you told them how big the Inspirals were in 1990 as they seemed to have been forgotten.

Mute won the race to sign them, and This Is How It Feels was released, brave choice, slow song with Clint Boon's organ leading and a strong chorus. I still love it thirty years later.

The album debuted at number two, and I would say my older self does not love it as much. I still enjoyed it in places but it’s clearly Boon's band as his organ dominates and the records production feels a bit lumpen and dated.

She Comes In the Fall and Move were lifted as singles and I always enjoyed an Inspirals single, in retrospect I feel they were more of a singles band than an albums band.

Opener Real Thing is not the greatest of starts a below par thrash along, but I enjoy Directing Traffik, a good beat and a nice shout along chorus and Many Happy Returns is not so manic until we get to the chorus sounding as if it has been speeded up.

Sun Don’t Shine I enjoy Hingley’s vocals, he raises the song with his phrasing and Sackville reminds me of those Kavos nights laughing with friends thinking you know it all when we did not have a clue.

It made me smile and reminisce of good times and for that I will always have a soft spot for this record.


GIVE IT A STREAM: This Is How It Feels

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Aug 07, 2023

Same as you, I have a soft spot for this, Directing Traffik and She Comes In The Fall especially.

Funnily enough, I went to see them on Friday at Sydney Uni and they were really good, very tight and Clint Boon was special. Hundreds of middle aged ex-pats dancing and singing along, celebrating the early 90's, a top night. The last time I saw them before that was 33 years ago when they headlined Reading. Where did that go?

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