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106) The Jam - All Mod Cons

I must be careful here as I know the love for Weller. I was too young for The Jam and The Style Council, apart from the odd single, were not really for me. His solo stuff I like three songs. His albums are maybe brilliant, they always get rave reviews, but I haven’t listened to anything he has done in years.

Obviously, I have heard The Jam singles and they are magnificent but to my knowledge I have never listened to an actual Jam album apart from compilations. A quick look at the track listing and I’m thinking any album with Down in the Tube Station at Midnight cannot be bad. I can imagine people shaking their heads at this clown.

Shake your heads no longer, I’m about to tell you what you already know, this is a wonderful record.

I have read this is the album where they hit their stride with Weller taking his songwriting up a notch and it’s hard to believe this is just three men making this noise, so Foxton and Buckler deserve credit as well.

The album opens with the title track which is in and out in a minute but To Be Someone has a lovely bounce with Weller straight in and nice backing vocals from Foxton. Mr Clean is a classic, restrained with a beautiful riff all the way through and they make The Kinks David Watts their own.

Waves on the sand and an acoustic guitar as Weller is possibly already thinking of where his music future will take him on the reflective English Rose. He was twenty years old.

Billy Hunt is a bounce along and It’s Too Bad you could imagine on an early classic 60’s album.

“A” Bomb in Wardour Street I knew it as soon as it came on, I love the aggression in Weller’s voice.

I will be listening to their other five albums.


GIVE IT A STREAM: English Rose

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