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103) Sinead O'Connor The Lion and the Cobra

It’s 1987 and I am in London for a Hotel Management Convention, I have no idea why I was on this course, you had to train as a waiter and I’m crap with people and as a chef, taste is essential, I had been beaten up earlier that year and got my nose broke, guess who has got hardly a sense of smell or taste?

Anyway, as part of the two-day catering joy fest we had to go and spend a few hours in Harrods food Department. As I was a natural catering student I did it in five minutes and buggered off to a record shop.

Mandinka was just out, and it had a magical riff so in terrible situations make a right decision, I bought this album.

Home, I listened to this record and her voice hit me, this is a lady of considerable talent with an outstanding voice, listen to Troy over six minutes where she shows she can do power, emotion, depth, and subtlety that few can match.

Nine songs, and not one a dud. Opener Jackie is just her voice before the music slowly builds in the background and Jerusalem starts slowly then one minute in the guitar comes in and then her voice ten seconds later is just magical and beautiful at the same time.

I Want Your (Hands On Me) shows she could mix it up to a more dance led synth track and Drink Before the War is another raw intense vocal.

Just Call Me Joe simple guitar and she cradles her vocals to a beautiful soft finish.

Sinead has had her problems, no matter where she is just now, she should aways look back on this record with pride.

Final note In case anyone was wondering I never became a hotel manager.



PS As I said this is 1987, I’m convinced the record shop in London had a waxwork of John Rotten in it, am I making this up?

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