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102) Microdisney The Clock Comes Down the Stairs

Get one hundred people to name a band for each letter of the alphabet of an 80’s bands that you have heard of but never heard a note and I reckon a fair few would say Microdisney for M.

I may have chosen them (or maybe Mega City Four) as I was aware of them as I bought Fatima Mansions album Valhalla Avenue and knew that lead singer Cathal Coughlan was their former singer, music wise this is a first for me.

The Clock was Microdisney’s second album and was probably their most successful album reaching number one in the Indie Charts. Sean O’Hagan of High Llamas was Coughlan’s co-writer providing melody and sweeping guitar, a few rough edges may have helped, over Cathal’s lyrics where he could not hide his displeasure (Who ruled the world? Who showed them all? Well, who cares?)

The album does not have a weak song, nor a standout track that you could have seen them storming the charts, the single Birthday Girl has a good chorus, but you can see it was not going to be a hit. This is no criticism; many a great band have not played TOTP’s. Coughlan has a strong distinctive voice and fair play to ex Communards drummer June Miles-Kingston whose vocals compliment him so well on the songs Are You Happy and And.

The first seven tracks from the opener Horse Overboard to Begging Bowl you will find much to enjoy, and the album ends superbly with the already mentioned And.

Coughlan sadly died in 2022 at only sixty-one, if you have yet to be introduced to his music this is a good place to start.



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