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191) Grant Lee Buffalo - Mighty Joe Moon

When I thought I would start to write these amateur thirty second reads I asked for requests as I couldn’t subject people to my music, my family suffer that fate and are not very receptive.

The first couple of requests I knew the album but review twenty-two was Fuzzy by Grant Lee Buffalo and it blew me away, a stunning record from start to finish.

Mighty Joe Moon was their second album released back in 1994. A guitar welcomes us into Lone Star Song throw in a passionate vocal a bit of harmonica and the guitar becoming even more heavier as the song progresses, a wonderful start.

From storming in the band step back for the falsetto led Mockingbirds, beautifully played and expertly done.

The album soon settles into wonderful guitar heavy vibe songs and acoustic led tracks, neither type disappoints.

The title tracks chorus is worth your time alone for Grant Phillips vocal and Demon Called Deception has moments with the band deciding to go off the rails on occasion.

Lady Godiva and Me is pleasant enough but goes into overdrive three minutes in which elevates the song to another level..Of the acoustic ones Honey Don’t Think seeps into the consciousness but Side by Side could certainly do with losing a few minutes.


That’s two albums reviewed and both scoring highly, another band who deserve so much more. 




GIVE IT A STREAM: Lone Star Song

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