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188) Electrafixion - Burned

Review ninety-nine looked at Echo & the Bunnymen Reverberation which is an album that has been consigned to history as Ian McCulloch was not the lead singer but is worth your time.


McCulloch had left for solo glory and his album Candleland did okay but three years later his second solo album Mysterio had not set the world alight and after being dropped by their record label the Bunnymen had split up.


So, Ian and Will were kicking their heels, and as people know they stormed the top ten again with the Bunnymen with Nothing Lasts Forever and Evergreen.


However, wait a minute that wasn’t until 1997 what did they do when they got back together in 1994. It had not been the most harmonious break up so they were probably seeing if they could get on and could work together. Hence the band Electrafixion and their one-off album Burned.


Of the eleven tracks Johnny Marr co-wrote two of the songs, McCulloch had been collaborating with him and that’s’ where Seargent came in and there are rumours of the master tapes for an album disappearing. The songs Lowdown, which was a single and Too Far Gone, with these three individuals, are obviously of high melodic quality.


From the opener Feel My Pulse what is clear is Seargeant is hitting the feedback, a genius overlooked guitarist on some of Bunnymen’s finest moment’s here he was showing he could produce a riff as good as the next man.


Sister Pain is a favourite of mine McCulloch’s vocals clear as a bell and Seargent fuzzing about in the background. Solid work from the rhythm section throughout this record so honourable mention to Leon de Sylva on bass and Tony McGuigan on drums.


Zephyr was what introduced me to the band, I was in Tower Records and picked up the CD single and the person next to me told me was guys from the Bunnymen, how did he know this, and I didn’t, I know everything! Purchased blind but a wonderful riff throughout and McCulloch goes raw in places.


Never has wonderful backing vocals and I enjoy the almost eastern guitar and stop start riff of Who’s Been Sleeping in My Head


Les Pattinson rejoined Ian and Will and the Bunnymen were re-born but Burned is no mistake and well worth your time.





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Ken Poate
Ken Poate
May 20

Spot on review. Great album, but a too short lived project in my opinion.

Brilliant live too👍👍

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