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97) Big Audio Dynamite No 10 Upping Street

The Clash Cut the Crap and BAD This is BAD were released within weeks of each other. Most were probably imagining huge sales for The Clash and BAD being barely mentioned. As we all know Cut the Crap was a disaster (This is England is a good song) and BAD had a hit album on their hands.

By the time of this second album Strummer had split The Clash, asked Jones to re-join him, which he refused but they had made friends and he was in as co-writer and co-producer.

This is 1986, I’m fifteen and I had been too young for The Clash so this was huge for me as from now on, I hoped, Joe and Mick would rekindle their songwriting partnership and make album after album. Although they remained friends this was sadly the last time, we would see the co-write Strummer Jones on a record label.

Of the co-writes Beyond the Pale is a strong opener showing the magic was still there and the singles V Thirteen and Sightsee MC should have been hits, the Jim Jarmuch video for Sightsee is worth a look at on YouTube.

Don Letts must have felt a bit of pressure with Strummer back but his co-writes with Mick hit the mark. C’mon Every Beatbox is a great opener and powers along with Don yelping and Mick delivering a fine vocal. Sambadrome was a different pace completely with some great football commentary samples and Dial A Hitman brings in Matt Dillon and Lawrence Fishbourne for great cameos. We will gloss over Ticket though.

I loved this back then and listening back I can still see why.

Mick and Joe should have done more.



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Karen Brierley
Karen Brierley
Jul 03, 2023

I'm the same age as you, however I was a massive fan of The Clash.

However, when B.A.D came along, knowing who it was, I definitely bought this album. Good album, not great (hard act to follow what had been achieved with The Clash - Mr Strumner will forever be synonymous with The Clash), so B.A.D doesn't always get "a look in".

Definitely in my record collection & anyone who enjoys The Clash - give it a listen.

Another excellent review by Albums in 200 words 👏 👌

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