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94) Eurythmics Savage

There are bands that you can love or hate with a passion and some bands that do not move you either way. Eurythmics fall into that category for me, I never engaged and found Annie Lennox vocals annoying.

Usual Saturday morning lying in bed pretending to not have a hangover The Chart Show on playing Eurythmics video for Shame. The hangover was bad enough for me to not change the channel. In my opinion, it was their best single. It builds slowly and has a dream like chorus, and I loved it, Of course it was a flop not making the top forty, a rarity for them.

Savage was the start of their commercial decline but for me it’s their best. Beethoven is a strange opener with Annie speaking before the chorus comes in. Its minimal electro beats and a clear change of direction but I’m not sure it works although I do enjoy her laugh.

Lennox vocals dominate with Stewart noodling in the background and on I’ve Got A Lover, You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart, Savage and Brand New Day she shows how wrong I was about her vocals. Passion, soul, and commitment drip from these four songs, However they pale compared to I Need You where she lays herself out bare over Stewart’s acoustic guitar. Mainstream artists were not as raw as this.

Most will know the hit I Need A Man which is out of kilter to the rest of the record with the wild guitar but shows Lennox could do it all.

I never engaged with Eurythmics or Lennox solo career again, but I did not need to as they had made an album that I loved then and do to this day.



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Karen Brierley
Karen Brierley
Jun 24, 2023

I don't like the Eurythmics, never have.

I gave this album a listen to, I can't fault the Ms Lennox or Mr Stewart, they're both excellent in their own rights and together they create great music.

But, I just can't bring myself to "enjoy" it!

Both very talented, but there's just something......... 🤷

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