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92) Prefab Sprout Steve McQueen

One of my partner’s favourite songs is The King of Rock n Roll and I always ask her who sang it and nine times out of ten she will say Aztec Camera, I then tell her its Prefab Sprout and she will say “I knew that.”

She does not share my obsession for music as surely once you hear Prefab Sprout how can you forget their name because A) It’s dreadful and B) They make wonderful music.

Fellow musician Thomas Dolby produces and brings clear production to lead singer and songwriter Paddy McAloon’s songs bringing the best out of the band.

The album opens with a country twang rockabilly guitar and rolling drums and the pace does not let up on Faron Young, a strong opener, not what you would expect.

Bonny has the excellent backing vocals of Wendy Smith, she enhanced the songs and fitted well with McAloon. They come together even better on Appetite; this is sophisticated pop that should have been a huge hit. The actual hit off this album was When Love Breaks Down, still one of their best-known songs, this is where I first heard them.

Goodbye Lucillee #1 McAloon vocals excel over a lovely piano melody.

The traditional side two cannot live up to the excellence of side one, Horsin’ Around is not for me but Hallelujah, Moving the River and When the Angels show us that McAloon was a songwriter of immense talent.

Prefab Sprout, for me. are for late at night when you are looking for music that relaxes and inspires, they achieved it on this album.



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Jul 03, 2023

Just a fantastic album.

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