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62) Puressence

Puressence we are back in the territory of a band I know their name but have never heard a note.

A bit of internet searching establishes that they were from Manchester and released six albums over a twenty-one-year career. No major commercial success but clearly made a decent impact for that level of longevity, albums released and the fact we are still talking about them ten years since they split.

Opener Near Distance builds slowly and I am instantly struck by James Mudriczki’s vocals, powerful but with a distinct delivery. A distinctive style that stands out from the rest.

I Suppose is a riff fest and after luring us in with Near Distance this is a swirling mesh of drums and vocals, an early highlight.

Understanding is a piano and soaring vocals before Fire starts lightly before the band kick in for the chorus, I can imagine people lost in the moment when the band would play this live, intense and powerful.

Casting Lazy Shadows has been annoying me for weeks as I thought I recognised it then I heard Bob’s Yer Uncle by Happy Mondays again, very similar starts, no bad thing by the way.

You’re Only Trying to Twist My Arm, listen to how the band kick off on the chorus, and India end the album on a high.

Big riffs, crashing drums, hypnotic bass, and unique vocals your thing then listen to this debut.



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